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Meal Plans Based on Your Personal Information

Our plans are designed to teach NEW habits. Each meal plan template teaches a 7-day rotation which can be followed for several weeks until your new habits are in place. Food exchanges can be done to revise plans to meet your personal food preferences. If you get bored with your meal plan, you can select from other meal plan types available within your subscription plan.

The Weight Loss App

1 Follow The Meal Plan

Your plan is displayed with options to exchange foods for preferences.

2 Track your Progress

Keep a food and exercise journal, sync with Fitbit and supported wearables.

3 Workout Planner

Keep track of your weight changes and goals.

4 Exercise Database

Gives you a summary of today's activities and totals.

5 Exercise Details

Watch videos of each exercise movement and follow instructions, sets, reps, weight, speed, distance, etc

6 My Goal screen

Keep track of your weight changes and goals.

7 Today’s Summary screen

Gives you a summary of today’s activities and totals.

8 Messaging

Receive daily fit tips and inspirational messages.

9Grocery List screen

View and manage your healthy food list for shopping.

10Bar Code Scanner

Add custom foods easily from nutritional labels.

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The MyMoves Details

Screen displays specific information about each exercise movement. This includes video content link, instructions, sets, repetitions, weight, speed, distance, etc. The Details screen also allows exchanging of exercises, adding additional sets and repetitions and deletion of these items.

Calendar View

Use the convenient MyMoves calendar to view and plan your workout schedule. Toutch on a day to view the exercises assigned. Once you have completed the exercise, touch on the box to mark as done. Touch on the exercise to see the Exercise Details screen.

List View

The List View of MyMoves allows you to see at-a-glance your schedule of past and upcoming workouts. Check boxes are made available to identify which workouts have been completed. Quickly jump to any day’s workout or toggle back to the Calendar view.

Exercise Database

Search the database of nearly 1,000 exercise videos. Refine your search by body part or search tag keywords such as kettlebell, dumbbell, yoga, and more. Can’t find the video you need? Upload your own custom exercise video links from youtube or vimeo.